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Solitaire Ultima versione 2.0

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Solitaire - Gioca a solitario e divertiti

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Solitaire has always been a fun card game everybody can play on their PCs. The game is a bit complicated, and all you need is a bit of patience and think about your next move. The best part about the Solitaire application is the fact that it is free, and you can download it in seconds. The installation of the game is also automatic. In this version of FreeCell solitaire, you might need some skill to win and it will help if you are a bit experienced playing solitaire.
This card game is perfect if you want to test your ability against the computer, score high and make your friends envy with your high scores. Being the most popular card game on PC, it is a fact that you will almost always win the game if you put in some effort. In fact, there is a 99% chance that you will win every game of Solitaire.
The graphical interface is visually pleasing, and you also get to choose the type of deck you want to play with. In order to play this solitaire game, all you have to do is place all the cards accordingly to their given slots, also taking into account each slot’s suit. You have to set each card in order from ace to king.
This version of the game contains other cards games like 4 FreeCell Solitaire, Eight Off, FreeCell Two Decks, etc.


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Download 44 32 5 45
Prezzo $ 0 $ 0 $ 7.49 $ 25
Dimensione del File 2.29 MB 1.82 MB 3.78 MB 3.67 MB

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Sistema operativo: Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows CE, Windows 98, Windows 95, Altro...
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Nome Sviluppatore: Solitaire
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